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Arabic Quick

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Product Overview

Arabic Quick is an Android- and iOS-compatible mobile app that we built for one of our esteemed clients, Dr. Moku. The app is to help foreign language learners to understand, read, speak and write Arabic language, which is often considered as one of the most difficult languages on the Planet.


About Our  Client

Dr. Moku, founded by Bob Byrne, an Irish comics writer and publisher, is a company that offers language learning apps. Currently, the company has over 250, 000 subscribers.



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Client Challenges

Teaching is a difficult job. Teaching a Right-to-Left language like Arabic is a more difficult one. And, when the assignment is to teach the language to a foreign learner acquainted only with Left-to-Right languages, say to a native English speaker, it becomes the most difficult one. Dr. Moku wanted to get a solution to all these so as to find a deeper penetration in the cohort looking forward to learn the Arabic language.

App Development: Key Benefits

  • Improved user engagement and retention
  • Increased number of downloads
  • Better customer insights
  • Improved paid users and ROI