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Product Overview


Organomix is a native iOS and Android mobile commerce app enabling our client to build an online supermarket of organic and natural foods. Consumers can browse through the products, place orders, track the delivery, and seek help from its call center directly from the app.


About Our  Client


The Supermarket Organomix is involved in marketing fresh organic vegetables, fruits, dairy products, beverage, meat and fish, and other grocery items. The differentiating point about the brand is that it markets foods that are produced without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Android and iOS
Health and fitness app


Client Challenges


In the wake of the growing mobile commerce trend, the brand was in a dire need to digitize its marketing approach. However, the main challenge was to keep the trust of consumers intact and retain the brand credibility as a provider of fresh and healthy food. Hence, the supermarket giant wanted to have a mobile application that can showcase the products in their serene form, help it expedite their sales and delivery and keep customers satisfied with prompt response to their queries or concerns.


App Development: Key Benefits

Root Info Solutions provided mobile application development and integration services for both iOS and Android platforms. Take a look at their compatibility aspects. (a) iOS Organomix App: Compatible with iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone,
iPad, and iPod touch; (b) Android Organomix App: Android 4.2 and up. Features and usability remain the same. Here is how the app is contributing to the business bottomline.

  • Seamless shopping journey is a sales booster
  • Secure and hassle-free checkout process curbed shopping cart abandonment
  • Garnered business intelligence gives impetus to cross-sell and upsell endeavor
  • Customer satisfaction and word of mouth proved a boon