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Briggs Freeman (Sotheby's Group)

Real Estate CMS

Getting Started

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty, a leader in the real estate sector in Dallas-Fort Worth, US contacted us to get a robust digital marketplace built that can steer its mission of connecting people with their dream homes efficiently in a connected competitive world.

Client Challenges

  • Managing Dispersed Agents, Brokers and Sellers
  • Advertising an Array of Houses, Ranches and Projects
  • Getting a 360-Degree View of Customer Acquisition Journey
  • Getting Key Insights on Industry and Trends
  • Predicting Market Demands to Stay Future Ready



Drupal Development
Drupal 8 Website

Project Objectives

  • Extend Market Reach
  • Accelerate Data Sharing Amidst Estate Agents, Brokers, Sellers and Buyers
  • Cope with Multi-Device Culture
  • Provide On-the-Go Access to Data to Intended Users
  • Expedite Decision Making for Stakeholders

Key Technologies Used

Besides Drupal 8, we have amalgamated the Briggs Freeman website with a host of technologies to achieve the objectives and address the challenges mentioned above.

  • RETS - MLS
  • REST API’s
  • Maponics and Boundary data
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • SSL
  • Google API
  • jQuery
  • jQuery ScrollTo
  • Google JS Api
  • Facebook SDK


MLS Website in Drupal

Business Value Propositions

Leveraging the latest technologies to the fullest, we succeeded in addressing all the key operational challenges discussed above. Here is how our efforts made the realtor to make a difference.

  • Intuitive Website Engagement Drives Customer Acquisition
  • Effortless Backend Management Saves Time
  • Better Collaboration Fosters Better Decision Making
  • Improved Data Security Instills Trust in Buyers and Sellers
  • Improved Brand Reputation


MLS Website in Drupal