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HTML5 Development

Get HTML5 website development services at Root Info Solutions. We have experienced web developers to harness the newly introduced semantic and multimedia capabilities of HTML5. We emphasize on improving the compliance quotient of the website towards human as well as computers, browsers, parsers, etc.


Serving as a one-stop web technology services destination, Root Info Solutions also provides IT consulting, web designing and prototyping, custom website development, website migration, update and maintenance services. We also render support to integrate and re-engineer business technology solutions thereby enabling you to get started with it in a quick and easy manner.


HTML5 Development by Root Info Solutions: Key Benefits


  • Competitive web development cost
  • Impeccable web development
  • Hassle-free content backup and migration
  • Rapid onboarding or deployment
  • Improved scalability, reliability and manageability
  • Unmatched interoperability
  • Mobile-ready website
  • SEO-compliant website for improved visibility


Our HTML5 website can efficiently handle audio and video files in varying formats to let you have an engaging website. While doing so, we make sure that the performance and security of the website remain intact.

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