Rewardz Employee Perks!

Product Overview

Rewardz Employee Perks is based on PhoneGap mobile app development framework that homogenously blends the HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript components  to let users have an intuitive digital experience across any mobile device platforms.  The application is a window for registered employees of a business to access a set of  corporate privileges from different health and fitness brands offered on behalf of Rewardz.

About Our  Client

Rewardz Private Limited is a Singapore-based company that brings customized employee engagement and benefits programs for businesses. It not only helps employees to keep a track on their health metrics to stay fit but also encourages them through rewards that can be redeemed to seek discounts on products and services offered by various health and fitness brands. Rewardz relies on its two exclusive mobile application to manage its business portfolio. First, through the Flaubless mobile app, it helps employees stay fit, achieve fitness goals and move ahead. Now, the rewards collected in doing so can be redeemed through its EmPerks mobile app.


Hybrid Development

Company Challenges

Challenges of Rewardz were not just to solve its own problem making the corporate privileges easily accessible to users and managing multiple health and fitness brands but also to address the challenges of its client like poor   health of its workforce, rising absenteeism in teams, attrition, talent acquisition challenges and several others that collectively take a toll on the business productivity and ROI.


Rewardz Employee Perks facilitates a single window to help employees claim their perks, the business to manage the perks claimed from different brands or vendors, and Rewardz to have a 360-degree view of the modus operandi and success of the Integrated Health and Wellbeing Program.