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Let’s sit and discuss the project’s requirement - target audience, in-app capabilities, budget, and expected delivery time.


We code the prototype harnessing cross platform or native IoT app development resources in an ideal integrated development environ.


We distribute the app across noted app stores. We also help with ad-hoc & in-house deployment for internal use & testing.

UX-UI Design

We craft amazing UX-UI prototype for the targeted device being focused on delighting users, empowering them do more. 

Quality Compliance

Through automation testing, load testing, soap API testing and manual testing, we work out bugs and create a flawless IoT app.


We keep a vigil on the performance of the app at the user’s end. The insights help our development and testing team to improve the UX.  

Tech Assessment

We assess what technology resources to use in the development to create an easy-to-use, fully-featured IoT application.


We integrate the Internet of Things application with your back-end server and databases leveraging standard tech protocols.

On-the-Go Update

Leveraging Firebase or similar technology, we bring on-the-go enhancements to your app to drive app engagement and conversion.

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