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Searched for mobile app development services in Austin? If yes, look no further. Root Info Solutions is a mobile app development company with a 100% success rate. We offer native and cross-platform app development services to the enterprises, SMBs, startups, and charities in Austin, the capital of the U.S. state of Texas.  

We are a 50-strong team of UI-UX designers, mobile app developers, quality analysts, and DevOps engineers committed to transform the mobile user experience. It’s not just that we keep ourselves updated about the changes or enhancements to the target platforms and devices, but also we keep a tab on mobile technology trends and insights. All this helps us remarkably in developing and delivering products that can make a difference to the missions and visions of our clients in the USA.  

Over 14+ years of our journey, we have championed every category.

Corporate Wellness 

We help HR advisory firms and businesses in Austin offering corporate wellness services with making their employee engagement and corporate wellness program more mobile and efficient. We offer Android and iOS app development at a reasonable rate. With native user experience, we make our apps stand out. 


App developers at Root Info Solutions can create featured shopping apps equipped with a store locator, push notifications, conversational chatbot, analytics, cloud messaging, feedback system, etc. to help retailers in Austin make big of the rising smartphone usage.


Utilities and productivity are one of the most significant categories of any app store after social and messaging. So, if you are thinking to invest in productivity apps, you are right. Worried about skills? You shouldn’t. Our iOS and Android app development teams are ready to accept any challenge. 


We’re here to help enterprises in Austin to compete better with digital transformation. We offer an array of enterprise mobile app development services with the efficient utilization of mobile, cloud, analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data that make our client drive workforce productivity and business efficiency. 

Social Media  

Android and iOS mobile app development service in Austin is just a click away! We create easy-to-use, engaging, bug-free and highly-secured social media apps that help consumers to connect and share content effortlessly, and businesses to reap big with in-app monetization and advertising strategies.  


Thinking to hire mobile app developers in Austin for getting a navigational app built? Look no further. We create customized navigational or travel apps targeting Android and iOS platforms at a highly competitive rate. We can integrate the app build with device’s GPS, camera, and other hardware. 

Health and Fitness 

Health and fitness category recorded a growth of 52% based on the number of app-sessions. Hence, it makes sense to invest in mobile app development to make big of the opportunities there. Worried about skills and cost? You shouldn’t be. At Root Info Solutions we provide health and fitness app development at an unbelievable rate.  

Food Delivery 

If you are going to start your food delivery business, chances are, you would think of mobile app development. And, in case, your business already have it, then it’s time to ponder on its efficiency. We, at Root Info Solutions, can add momentum to your business with food delivery app development. 


Considering to hire a media app development company in Austin? You have come to the right place. We serve businesses of all types and sizes in Austin with our Android and iOS app development services. Your Austin’s app developers can link your app to third-party news or VOD services.

Internet of Things 

We design and develop easy-to-use, secure and high-performing IoT applications for retail, real estate, hospitality, logistics, etc. We have skilled IoT developers to do justice to your project. We can connect the IoT app with RFID, beacons and AI to let our clients gain a competitive edge. 

AI Chatbot

Transform your customer-facing operations with chatbot development from Root Info Solutions. We offer chatbot development with assistance from highly skilled mobile app developers in Austin, Texas. We work with all popular chatbot builders like IBM Watson, Chatfuel, Botsify, Beep Boop, and so on.  


Looking for experienced mobile app developers in Austin, Texas for your sports app development project? Your search ends with Root Info Solutions! We code your idea utilizing the best Android and iOS app development resources. Discover our app development expertise with Find a Game.  

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