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Polishop is a shopping app for Polishop, a Brazilian company that markets goods across a wide range of consumer categories. The app, compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, targets the growing number of mobile shoppers. Over 60% of the world population has the mobile Internet access, and globally, 1 out of every 10 USD e-commerce is spent via a tablet or smartphone. In developed countries like the US, the ratio is 1:3.

Company Overview

Polishop, a Brazil-based retail firm, offers products across a gamut of categories including beauty, fitness, wellness, kitchen, home and electronics and has business interests in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Spain besides in the native country itself.


Android and iOS
mobile commerce app development

Company Challenges

  • Extending market reach
  • Capitalizing mobile commerce
  • Offering clutter-free shopping experience
  • Offering personalized shopping
  • Getting customer-insights
  • Improving shopping experience
  • Improving customer loyalty
  • Driving brand awareness

Mobile App Development: Key Benefits

Polishop, available for both Android and iOS users, gave a better penetration to the brand across. The company witnessed increased traffic, conversion, and sales via its Android and iOS apps. The customer analytics obtained from the app, helped it to increase the revenue further by successfully leveraging the upsell and cross-sell techniques.