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Avanti Furs is a hybrid mobile application developed by the PhoneGap (Cordova) App Development team at Root Info Solutions. It blends the native and Web components homogeneously to deliver the best user experience. Spearheading the brand's success on Android and iOS mobile platforms, it has become a household name across the markets catered by the brand. This is basically a shopping catalgoue app meant to drive brand awareness and customer engagement reaching out to the target audience.This cross platform app is available on Google Play and iTunes and has received a thumping response from its fans and customers. Customers can learn about the latest arrivals, upcoming events and news.

About Our Client

Avanti Furs is a 150-year-old company with business interest in the fur sector. It is based in Kastoria, Greece and has retail stores in Greece, Dubai, Cyprus, Romania and Serbia.

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Client Challenges

In the wake of shifting of retail business from brick-n-mortar stores to e-Commerce, particularly, mobile commerce, the business felt a dire need to reach out to its prospects and customers on their mobile devices. However, maintaining the brand's reputation and authority over a mobile app was a key challenge.

Avanti Furs: Benefits

  • Improved brand awareness with push notifications on events, store info, news, etc. 
  • Better engagement with fans and clients  on social media 
  • Deeper and relevant business insights based on the user's interests, preferences, etc.
  • Improved revenue with upselling and cross-selling based on analytics