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The Quest 
Of a Professional

Social Media Apps Development Fuels Professional Growth

This is an enterprise social networking app built for [email protected] The objective of the app is to help professionals connect with each other to seek and give advice and get their tasks done in a better manner. Users can initiate or accept requests and connect with each other.

Client’s Objective: Create a Mutually Winning Strategy with Social Networking App Development

This we built for [email protected], a digital technology company that is known best for offering enterprise mobility solution thereby enabling businesses to drive collaboration and productivity. Investing in social media app development, the client aimed at helping professionals and like-minded to connect with each other and get benefited from the skills and experience of others to excel in the professional space. Overall, the app brings people together and eases the talent search and acquisition.

iOS App Development
social media app development

Why [email protected] Hired Root Info Solutions Social Media App Development Company

Root Info Solutions has a proven track record in the mobile app development space in terms of product quality and timeliness, and that’s what the client was looking for. We have a team of skilled and efficient UI-UX designers, mobile app developers and quality compliance monitoring team.


What Led Root Info Solutions to Go with Native iOS App Development

In a fast-paced life, it’s very hard to attract, engage and retain professionals over a social networking app. Before sharing their personal information on a social networking app, users are often concerned about their privacy and data protection. Performance and user experience are other aspects that matter a lot to the success of any social networking app.


Taking cognizance of the user’s expectation from their social networking app, Root Info Solutions centered on native iOS app development, and entrusted the social networking app development task to its experienced iOS developers having a sound know-how of the latest programming language, i.e., Swift.


Business Value Propositions Earned with Social Networking App Development

iOS app development team at Root Info Solutions succeeded not just in alleviating the concerns that discourage users to go with social networking app, but also improving collaboration. Here is what our client shared with us regarding the app’s contribution.


  • Improved user engagement
  • Secured connectivity and networking
  • Increased number of downloads
  • Increased user retention rate
  • Increased brand awareness and ROI