Technologies Transforming Real Estate Application Development in 2019

14 February 2019
Technologies Transforming Real Estate Application Development in 2019
Technologies Transforming Real Estate Application Development in 2019
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The immediate transformation in the technology has lead faster development in almost every industry and real estate is availing the benefits with no exception. Thus, the process involved in real estate like listing, viewing, buying and selling properties have become streamlined and much easier to execute the working, be it users or the owner: with the mobile and web app development.

With the hit of several new technologies like virtual reality or the sensational blockchain are continuing to break the mainstream market. This has made Mobile App Development companies to develop applications that wholly fulfills the requirements making execution easy and hassle-free.

Adopting more advanced technology is imperative for the real estate industry as the enterprise level organization greatly requires streamlining big data strategy with advanced analytics. This will provides insights into necessary planning and decision making. Moreover, companies at a relatively nascent level must need to understand the value proposition of advanced technologies.

? Investigate and regulate technology requirements with that of the tenants.
? Estimate the value proposition of advanced technologies.
? Minimize the required systems, maintaining scalability and responsiveness.

In this blog, let's explore how the hot technologies that have brought the real estate industry on the fingertip.


With the growing craze for vacation, it has become difficult to manage different properties. However, thanks to technology that has helped in the advanced mobile application. Tokeet - this great application is highly appreciated because of its ability to manage multiple vacation rental properties on various sites from one platform. And no need to worry about the hassle of updating multiple calendars, it automatically does perform the updation with booking confirmation.

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The Cloud:

One of the great platform with a wide-ranging impact that will smooth the closing process. Thanks to the cloud for offering better data management applications, which will end inefficient and frustrating process.  With clouds, the whole process can be aligned for residential purchases and commercial need.

Artificial Intelligence:

This next generation tool is doing wonder in advancing the mobile apps and benefiting the Real Estate App Development with on-going prospecting, lead generation, traditional customer support. AI - the incomparable technology is already being adopted in many other sectors to ease the task and reduce the hassle to provide authentic data. AI is helping the property seeker to find information instantly and on the other hand, provide a healthy platform for the property agents to support the seeker with property information 24*7.

Data-Driven Insight:

No matter whether it's about commercial, residential or retail space, it's quite difficult and critical to understand, optimize and measure. Thus the data-driven insight is quite crucial to help investors, developers and end-users to maximize the value.

Virtual Reality:

Slowing but of course, virtual reality has started creeping into real estate industry. This will surely provide a more robust and simple solution for real estate mobile application development to make customers experience the true essence of property without setting foot info physical space. No more time will be wasted in exploring properties using the traditional method and it will also lead fast closing of the property.

Automated Valuation Model:

The real estate is maturing and investment companies are looking for a quicker way that can help them to make the quick decision regarding the worthiness of the purchasing property.  Endo- an Automated Valuation Mode offers to quickly produce revenue or expense information needed to analyze a deal. The days are not far when AVM will break the analyst role by contributing efficiency.

Geo and Social Media Advertising:

In the current real estate, the Geo and Social advertising opportunities are growing. Highly popular social media Network like Instagram, Google, Facebook, etc are offering targeted geofencing advertising opportunities. This will help in showcasing ads to attract buyers and investors on mobile phones.

Rogue Platform:

This platform provides the opportunity to the investors to execute their job hassle-free. Some of the tools comprise a library of hundred videos, webinars and live streams. Apart from this, there are several other significant mobile apps property feature already revolutionizing the real estate.


Certainly, there's a place for blockchain technology in real estate when it comes to transactions. The Blockchain Technology - offering security, transparency, and effectiveness innovations the whole scenario for real estate buyers, sellers, and renters. And it will allow the industry to regulate and scale online transactions.


The real estate industry still need time to implement the technology innovation. The more applications-based on VR, the cloud and blockchain, will slowly come in practice to become more ubiquitous, making experience streamlined for end-users and property owners.

Hire Real Estate Developer having experience in mastering advancing technology and understanding to ideally match the respective tool with client?s specified requirement.

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