Why to Hire a Web Development Company for Responsive Web Design

09 March 2018
Why to Hire a Web Development Company for Responsive Web Design
Hire a Web Development Company for Responsive Web Design
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Today, most often we have heard the statement how essential is having a responsive website design for any business because a mobile-friendly website allows clients and prospects to easily browse and find information, offering the same experience, whether its phone, tablet, desktop, etc. 

Ofcom?s report shows that only 22% of the population turned to their phone first for internet browsing in the year 2014; increasing the mobile usage. Further, the availability of 4G has shown a transformation how people use their mobile devices. Following the year 2014, 4G subscriptions soon skyrocketed from 2.7 million to 23.6 million. Thus, it is a major challenge for the mobile web development company to build responsive web design that lures customers.  

What is responsive web design?

A responsive web design refers to a site that poses tendency or feature to adapt to any screen size. The website development is made as such it automatically reformats to render better experience to the users, so that it ideally-fits their device.  Responsive web design offers numerous benefits, including solving a lot of problems for your website, improve the way it looks on any devices, either large or small screens, and also increases the visitors time on site. Apart from this, it also improves the ranking of any website on search engines.

To make it more simple to understand, let?s discuss in brief ?why any company wants to have a responsive web design?;

Provides a Seamless User Experience

Having a responsive design can be one of the positive factors that will determine your brand and business value. Once, the user experience gets improved it will automatically make your customer access your website easily on any platforms. Hence, they are more likely to hit your website for more business in the future. This will lead to the higher conversion rate for your website. 

Adapts Easily To Any Screen Size

As you know, directing traffic from a mobile device is tough, it?s important for a business to accommodate this factor through a responsive website. With a responsive website, there is no difference in viewing content and pages on smartphone, laptop or note, as these things get flexible across all screen resolutions and devices. navigation becomes easy and unified and easy for different screen sizes. This optimal experience makes your users happy, as they can read and navigate the site with minimum resizing and scrolling.

Lower Cost And Website Maintenance

When your design has the ability to suit any size, you don't have to spend extra budget for different devices.  Hence, the website maintenance will also be cheap as you have 1 website to look after. 

Increased Traffic From Mobile Users

Responsive website load faster, hence you can easily increase your site ranking which is an important factor to increase your traffic and grow a bigger audience base for your brand. Moreover, bounce rate is also decreased and allows faster sharing on social media. 

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A Responsive Website Improves Your SEO Efforts

On a mobile-friendly website, SEO campaigns run smoothly. On the top Google also recommends a responsive website design pattern. Perks are more, it also helps to improve your SEO efforts across all platforms.


The ball is in your court when you have a website with responsive design provide flexibility, which means you can make changes quickly and easily. You can also make a quick design tweak or fix a typo on your site.


Today, the competition is tough to attract traffic via smartphones. Thus, hire a renowned and expert responsive web design company that can develop well designed and highly responsive website.

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