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How Things 
Go So Glamorous 

Project Overview

This is a WordPress-based website, or better said an eCommerce store. We have proved again that WordPress can do wonder when crafted diligently. The digital stores flamboyantly showcases film and video camera support products and lighting equipment.

About Client

Sachtler, our client is to film and television industries, what Google is to everyone who is connected to the Internet. This is a brand that is known for the manufacturing and marketing of film and video support products including fluid heads, tripods, pedestals, tripod systems, rigs, accessories, bags and much more.


WordPress Development
Wordpress web development

Client Challenges

The key challenges were to build a website fusing beauty, brain and power, deliver a seamless experience to users, achieve sales and marketing goals, keep payment processing safe and secured and, eventually staying up to the expectation of consumers preserving the 5 decades long legacy.

WordPress Development: Key Benefits

Harnessing the resources of WordPress and our vertical domain knowledge, we succeeded in building a website that was highly desired. Here is how the website is contributing to the business bottomline.

  • Effortless content management
  • Efficient marketing with better reach
  • Improved user engagement and conversion
  • Improved customer satisfaction