7 Fs of Analytics to Boost Mobile Commerce

10 October 2016
7 Fs of Analytics to Boost Mobile Commerce
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We are just a click away. It's a cliched phrase, isn't it? Rather, one should say, "we are just a tap away". Yes, you got it right.  We are referring to marketing in a mobile-dominated space. Today, your store could be in the pocket of your customers. However, in the competitive marketplace, you are not alone to think of or make it. So be on your toes. With Root Info Solutions, think differently and make a difference.

The session volume of shopping apps increased by 81% in 2015, according to Flurry. Statista also supports the claim. It observed shopping as one of the top 10 mobile activities in the same period.

Mobile Commerce: Good Signs

Out of the 3.4 billion of users accessing the Internet, over 2 billion do so with their mobile phones, claims IDC ( The International Data Corporation). With people getting more absorbed in their mobile (92 hours/month) and apps (57.5 hours/month), and the worth of mobile transactions reaching new heights every day (expected to reach 3.2 trillion, 2017), there is no denying that mobile app has emerged as the greatest marketplace in the world and it does make sense to invest in the mobility solutions partnering with the right app development company.

Mobile Commerce: Bad Signs

The situation seems quite encouraging for marketers and retailers but, if you take reference of the last Black Friday Sales in the US, you will have a different perception. Analyzing the data, it comes out that Android devices could bag just 5.77% of the total sales. Apple did comparatively better with 21.88%. The conversion rate portrays a much gloomy scene. Only 2.14% of the total prospects that went for mobile commerce were converted on Android devices. Apple also don?t have reasons to do a chest thumping. Their conversion rate was pegged at 2.87%. Clearly, much of the mobile commerce opportunity remains untapped. Wondering how to monetize that untapped opportunity? 

Learn 7 F's of Analytics to Boost Mobile Commerce

To capitalize on the opportunity, you need to have the right app no doubt. But what exactly is the so-called Right App? Do you have such an app? Not sure? Here are 7 questions that we believe your app or app development company must answer positively. 

#1. What Your Users Do

A mobile app must provide you with insights on the in-app actions users take.

  • When, where and by whom the app is getting installed
  • How users are navigating through the app
  • What part of the app receives most attention or action
  • What kind of services or products are viewed, purchased
  • What payment mode  customers prefer
  • What kind of notifications or alerts users set

#2. How Your Users Progress

Your mobile must inform you of the user's journey or path through the app. Track their journey from the app launch to its closure. Identify spots where users got stuck, and you observed a drop off in the conversion. Leverage this insight and seek the assistance of your mobile app developers to fix the issue and boost the sentiment of the users in taking actions you want them to.

#3. Who Abandoned Your App & Why>

Analyze the percentage of users bidding farewell to your app, that is, uninstalling your app. Track the user-volume periodically, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and yearly. You can probably seek reasons from the users abandoning your app by including a survey section in it. Returning mobile users can also provide vital inputs to help you improve app retention metrics and the mobile experience . Ask them to rate the app or the services offered but not frequently. 

#4. How User Behavior Changes

Learn about the diverse audience behavior: across different user-groups, at different times and on different occasions. See when you achieved the highest traffic and page views when the maximum cart abandonment happened, and when the maximum app got updated, upgraded or uninstalled.

#5. What Drives Users the Most

Your app must understand the interests, intent, and preferences of your users and convey the same to you in an easy-to-understand way. This insight will help you innovate your app along with products and services offered through it to match their personas and expectations.

#6. Who Are Your Audience

Getting a breakup of the user segment based on demographics ( age, gender, language, geography, etc.) could be of great help. This insight will help you to personalize their mobile experience, innovate your products or services and, ultimately, be a people's brand. 

#7. How Successful is Your App

The app must measure the success of the sales or marketing campaigns orchestrated by you for different audiences. Not just the customer acquisition and loyalty but also the bounce rate and app abandonment rate should be tracked effectively. In addition, it should also analyze the impact of your discounts, coupons, upsell as well as cross-sell activities on the customer acquisition endeavor and ROI. 

Got Answers to All?

Think they can help you make a difference in the user experience? Not certain? Don't worry. Root Info Solutions is here to let you make a difference in the marketplace. Reach out to our experienced native and cross platform mobile app developers. We don?t build apps, rather, we build apps with brain and muscles. Be it a native Android, an iOS app or a cross-platform Cordova one, we can integrate it with the right mobile analytics tool.

Don't Go by Mere Word

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