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Caterpillar Paving Calculator

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Product Overview

With this mobile app built by PhoneGap (Cordova) developers, estimating trucking needs, paving speeds, compaction and other factors to the utmost accuracy has got easier and faster for engineers or workers using Caterpillar asphalt road paving equipment. It’s not just a productivity booster but also a great companion to them that ensures greater compliance adherence and qualitative work.


About the Product Owner

Caterpillar is an American corporation with its business interests in designing, engineering, manufacturing and marketing construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.


Hybrid App Development
phonegap app development

Brand’s Challenges

Engineers entrusted with asphalt paving projects are required to observe a series of compliances, deliver works qualitatively, keep the construction cost at a low and, last but not least, meet deadlines.


Hybrid App Development: Key Benefits

This is the right productivity tool that Caterpillar was looking forward to, in order to help their clients work efficiently, deliver quality work, save time and earn more dollars. The calculator helps professionals to define or estimate the type of truck, paving speed, compaction, slope or thickness that is required in order to accomplish the job successfully meeting all requirements of their clients.