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CC Mobile (ConnectedCrops)

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Product Overview


CC Mobile (ConnectedCrops) is a PhoneGap-based mobile app that meticulously harnesses the potential of IoT. It aims at improving the management of farmlands or crops to ensure better productivity. As the name suggests, it connects users with their crops and let them stay apprised of the physical conditions like temperature, humidity, soil moisture and wind speed prevailing there.

About Our  Client

This we built for Esprida, an innovative technology company based in Canada that helps organizations across different sectors to manage and integrate physical devices,people-interactions and processes into their core business with the use of IoT.

IoT Overview

IoT is on its way to transform not just business operations, but also Customer Experience (CX) and lives on the planet at large. According to an industry survey, by the end of 2016, we will be having more Internet-connected devices than people on the planet.  Hence, being an entrepreneur, you must absorb it and innovate your modus operandi to maintain an edge.


PhoneGap Development
Hybrid App Development


Challenges in the Agriculture Sector

Though there are many, but we are highlighting those that we were able to solve through our PhoneGap app development endeavor.

  • Monitoring crops at multiple locations
  • Unexpected weather condition influencing farmland productivity  
  • Understanding the need and urgency
  • Improving productivity and produce quality


The PhoneGap-based cross-platform app heralds an era of smart agriculture akin to smart computing and smart home. The app connects with the sensors located in different agricultural fields and collects the environmental information for the users, thereby enabling them to take care of their crops in a better way addressing the challenges discussed above. Here is what users can do with the app.

  • Learn the weather stats of Last Day, Last 7 Days and Last 14 Days

  • View the location of their fields using Google Maps

  • Compare the status of two more different stations or fields

  • Set Alerts to get notified through email or SMS


Hybrid App Development