Root Info Solutions Customer Reviews

30 August 2016
Root Info Solutions Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
Posted by Root Info Solutions

Customer -- the whole business world and their entire gamut of strategies built by their shrewd decision makers revolve around this one single entity. Winning a customer, means, staying true to his or her expectation and ultimately, winning the game. At Root Info Solutions Pvt Ltd, we are fortunate that we have done it, not just once but in multiple instances. Here are 5 customer reviews, procured from AppFutura, that will help you understand what are we good at.

1. CertaPro Painters

Working with Root Info has been a great partnership. We have developed a very useful tool for productivity. Clear communication and expertise in app development from Root Info Solutions.?

About CertaPro Painters: Located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the company offers painting services for residential and commercial buildings in the US and Canada with assistance from certified and experienced painters. Know more

2. Avanti Furs

Very professional and expert on app platforms and apps, very important to have such associates when platforms and versions change so rapidly. Root Info Solutions are always on top of things, bringing the very latest technology and innovation into projects. Prompt replies and excellent in project management. Will definitely work with them again.>

About Avanti Furs: This is a Kastoria, Greece-based company with its expertise in fur merchandises. Products are manufactured locally in its Greece-based workshop but marketed globally both via its online and in-store modules. Know more

3. Estel Furs

Once again, Root info solutions is a great contractor. Another project on time and on the budget! Their level of expertise in relation to being prompt on project meetings makes a great combination of app project deliverables. Will definitely work together in the future?

About Estel Furs: Estel Furs hails from Greece. As the name echoes, the company is into fur sector. Blending the Greek fur's finest quality with the contemporary Italian style, the brand has succeeded in making a global impression. Know more

4. Dr. Moku

They did a great job creating our Android app, they followed our specs closely and brought their own suggestions here and there. Great team and decent after sales support

About Dr. Moku: Dr. Moku, founded in 2010, is famous for offering educational apps and learning systems based on mnemonic devices and unconventional methodologies. The company boasts of having over 250,000 fans that have got benefited from the Japanese learning app that we built. Know more


Excellent communication, very competent technical expertise. The pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

About MDX SU

Middlesex University Students' Union is to support and advise students and oversee the activities undergoing in the campus. It organizes myriad events - from employability-boosting workshops to fun-filled freshers' events.

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